Monday, June 13, 2016

Political Correctness Kills

The political correct warriors have forced Americans to radical Islam ignore
The strange and suspect sights in the bomb making factory right next door
Right from the very top Obama has set the tone
With the left as his chorus so ready with Islamaphobia chants to intone
One cannot monitor or infiltrate the radical mosques that Sharia wants to spread
Any attempt to do so and the ugly condemnation of Islamophobia raises its head
A Ft. Hood massacre by a deranged radical jihadist was not radical Islam terror
But only workplace violence what a complete error
One can only believe the culture, examples and memos coming down the from the top
Send a chilling message to the federal employees that any highlighting of radical Islam must stop
The colleagues of Omar Makeep based on his rantings and raves against women and blacks
With hints of people that should be killed wanted their boss to this fanatic sack
But Omar immediately raised his “you can’t fire me I’m a Muslim” shield
And as a result, 49 maybe more fresh graves can be found in cemetery fields
The more we learn about Omar’s past we see the signs of a jihadist begin to appear
But the PC zone of silence against radical Islam spreads Islamophobia fear
We never win this war killing Sharia and radical Islam killing one jihadist after or during and attack
While the ideology of Sharia and radical Islam remains intact
We will never win this war by focusing not on radical Islam but on gun control
Jihadists will find means to be armed and they will against defenseless soft targets continue to take their toll
Makeep was already on the FBI radar which to local police in this case was not linked
And from further investigation by the FBI the agency did shrink
If we join the war that radical Islam has declared on us and ask our citizen’s eyes and ears support
Free from Islamophobia condemnations will release an exponential number of citizen reports.
But if we do not, too many of our citizens will not go out on the limb
Our chance of reporting to the police suspected terrorist acts before they occur will remain dim
If from the president on down through our first responders to the man in the street
Do not declare this war we face the bloody specter of more Orlandos to repeat.
        © June 13, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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