Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Obama Temper Tantrum Tirade On Radical Islam

Obama, who when it comes to combating ISIS has a strategy cupboard totally and completely bare,
Launched into a petulant tirade, finger pointing, affirming the use of radical Islam he would forswear
“ Calling a threat by a different name does not make it go away”
News flash Mr. President your having no strategy to defeat it means that it will forever stay
“There is no magic in the phrase ‘radical Islam’ it’s only a talking point”
Before hardly missing a beat a rotating to gun control on his PC blame the NRA pinot joint
News flash Mr. President there must be a lot of magic in radical Islam most of which is sinister and black
For thousands of Muslims to flood Syria in numbers not seen since the Spanish Civil War to join ISIS’ attack
Reluctance to use radical Islam is not about PC only “everything to do about actually defeating extremism”
News flash Mr. President—your defeating extremism? What a joke; another case of your delusional escapism
We are in this mess from the “JV Team” because against all advice in Iraq you turned taie and forced us to run
Then in delusion believing that teleprompter words were like missiles an unfulfilled red line threat only to your words then shun
Then to complete the rapid, uncontrolled descent into chaos you followed Hillary’s misguided urges
And in a stable Libya you sided with the rebels with American airpower from behind and had him purged
You were about to repeat the tactics of failure, the tactics of the absurd
After all in your mind America in dealing with allies or terror does not have to keep its word
Kicking and screaming, digging in your heals swayed by the left you were forced to not from Afghanistan cut and run
While all around the Middle East the instability for which you and Hillary bear a huge part of the blame had only just begun
News flash Mr. President we need every citizen to be all hands on deck
No longer being afraid to be labeled Islamophobiac by the PC left so call the police is the option to select
Total lie from you, passing even the if you like your insurance plan you can keep it period, that Trump is suggesting a religion test
Christians fleeing Syria are not known for gunning gays down but Muslims with ISIS intertwined with them a ban till vetted properly is what Trump suggests.
You have no “strategy” other than use drones to kill and keep the border open even if the dice each day are being rolled
While chanting to the mantra of the left and doing the Conga  Line demanding more gun control
Where are the experts on radicalization and why and how  ISIS gets educated young men and women to their home in the West leave?
Without knowing that or even trying to know that what possible chance of success do you think you will achieve?
With blood on your hands; if through the narcissism and cataracts of delusion; you can see yet still sleep through the night
News flash Mr. President when it comes to radical Islam, you have without doubt completely failed in this fight
© June 15, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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