Thursday, June 23, 2016

Blue Rep Fattah Convicted Of Fraud And Resigns

When it comes to corruption in Congress, corruption is party blind
Another long term Congressman has had his life unwind
To paraphrase an observation made by Lord Acton that is universal and almost impossible to refute
“All power tends to corrupt and absolute power’s corruption is absolute.”
11 term Chaka Fattah another victim of the long term power corrupts absolutely will be facing prison time
Conspiracy to defraud by misusing federal funds to repay a $1,000,000 campaign loan was his crime
Congressmen however idealist and motivated to do what for the public is right
Start changing in their idealism, some slowly, some quickly after their first election winning night
They are like the salmon in pristine color scheme returning to the streams of their birth
The idealism slowly dimming as more and more time a search for campaign funds they need to unearth
By the time a returning  salmon reaches the end of its spawning line
The pristine color scheme has long since been left behind
Purple, red, black, the skin falling off and showing increasing signs of rot
The quest for funds to stay in office making it so much easier to be bought
So much harder with the lobbyists in exchange for funds wanting to call the shots
To summon the idealism to charge the hill for the people’s needs to try to have fought
11 terms and like the salmon who spawns and then dies
The idealism of a long term member of Congress can no longer the lure of campaign funds defy
His ethics, integrity and honesty now totally bankrupt
Without term limits and campaign funding limits a political system now corrupt
The lessons of history we seem to never completely learn
Political office was supposed to be a temp calling not a means of lifetime salaries to earn.
 © June 23, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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