Saturday, June 4, 2016

Ali Could No Longer Rope a Dope Against Parkinson's RIP

Muhammad Ali who started out in life as Cassius Clay
Perhaps the greatest boxer of all time but also with humanity traits to display
In the prime of his boxing career after knocking out the “Bear” not once but twice
As a converted Muslim in 1964 he in 67 refused to rumble in the jungle in paddies of rice
Convicted of draft evasion from his heavy weight title stripped
For the next for years his conscientious objector status was on the arduous appellate trip
Until SCOTUS his conviction overturned
Ringing the bell to reenter the ring and twice more win back titles in his return
There is no way the Army would have sent a heavyweight champion to be killed
Imagine the propaganda for the Viet Cong if the best fight in the world was added to the butcher’s bill
Ali could have been like Joe Louis during a righteous war boxing to the troops entertain
But in Ali’s mind this was an immoral war which upon the rest of us slowly did dawn so the draft he had to resist
Principle before millions of dollars is a hard to find trait
One of his features that made him first rate
A poet, author and activist for social rights and cause
As a boxer dancing in the ring so quick to expose an opponent’s flaws
His star as it should be is on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
But vertical so his memory will never be walked on and his spirit feel the shame.
So today Ali sadly proves that against challenges you can win the Thrilla or master the Rope a Dope
But a disease like Parkinson’s with all its baggage and punching combos is one that even The Greatest cannot forever cope
© June 4, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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