Saturday, June 18, 2016

Huffington Post True to Form Slams Trump on Orlando

Huffington Post is on the warpath over Trump's response to the Orlando jihadist attack
For on banning Muslims until we get our vetting act together doubling down and not walking back
While true to form calls for more gun control
Can't condemn radical Islam to save his soul
With all due respect to Levine on this he is totally off base
The horrific response was not Trump's but Obama; his lack of strategy a total disgrace
49 innocents slaughtered by an ideology Obama cannot name
But so quick to pivot to control and the NRA to blame
ISIS has stated in no uncertain terms that they will infiltrate Syria refugees
That Obama is determined to bring thousands here from accross the seas
Trump has stated and on this he is completely right
No more Muslims from terrorist areas until we nail down our vetting tight
Sharia and radical Islam go hand in hand
An ideology that sanctions the killing of all gays in this land
An ideology that in the pursuit of Jihad makes Christians and Jews infidels not worthy to be alive
We are at war and this Commander in Chief is clueless on what it will take for our way of life to survive
You cannot defeat someone you cannot name nor separate the peaceful wheat from the deadly chaff
Obama's mantra for gun control without a strategy to defeat ISIS and radical Islam--bend over America and take again and again the shaft
Levine out to plot the increase in gun ownership with the decrease in violent crime
Criminals may be stupid but they shy away from attacks if a gun is aimed against them this time
Jihadists sadly may be a different perverted lot
For them their pervert radical Islam to get them to Paradise they need to be shot.
© June 18, 2016, the Alaskanpoet

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