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June 22, 2016 Ridley's Believe It Or Not Anti Fascist Day Croatia

Ridley’s Believe It Or Not For June 22, 2016. Unfortunately still 212 days to go in President Obama’s pathetic lame duck term as he appears more petulant every day as his complete lack of any strategy against radical Islam and his delusional failure to identify it as a major problem to our way of life continues to pile up bodies; the DOJ caved after facing a wave of criticism when it released Omar’s 911 transcripts but deleted any reference to his allegiance to ISIS and radical Islam—watch for the pivot that this had nothing to do with radical ISLAM but Omar’s hatred of gays due to a jilted gay lover; HRC alleged that Trump will bankrupt us like one of his casinos (with almost 20 trillion in national debt due to Obama, one might argue we are there already);  Republicans are still not united behind Trump who met with evangelical leaders yesterday and will be giving a speech blasting HRC’s record and ties with Wall Street; HRC is dominating the ad wars as more and more Reds are becoming concerned that Trump’s fund raising efforts are stalled.   
On the nonpolitical front Governor Kasich and the mayor of Cleveland have declared today to be an official holiday in Cleveland as a result of the Cavaliers NBA Championship win; heat wave in the triple digits is devastating the Southwest and West with raging wildfires in California, Arizona and New Mexico Stay hydrated and in the shade today; Britain nears a historic vote on whether to exit from the EU.
On a light note, as always, I hope  you enjoy today’s holidays and observances, a music link to Kim Carnes  factoids of interest, a  relevant song by Randy Newman, while looking forward to enjoying some onion rings, blessed with a positive attitude and  secure in  the knowledge that if you want to find a gift for any memorable events like birthdays, weddings, or  anniversaries, you know that the Alaskanpoet can provide you with a unique customized poem  at a great price  tailored to the event and the recipient. You need only contact me for details.
1. Anti Fascist Day Croatia—celebrating on a day with zero holidays of note, the formation of partisans in Croatia to fight German and Italian occupiers.
2. Day of Rembrance of the Victims of the Great Patriotic War (Belarus)—commemorating the heroic six day last stand by the Red Army at the fortress of Brest-Livosk; the Germans after occupying the city liquidated all but 7 of its 20,000 Jewish residents.          
3. 1981 Number One Song—celebrating the number one song in 1981 on a long nine weeks in that position “Bette Davis Eyes” by Kim Carnes.  Here is a link to Kim Carnes performing  “Bette Davis Eyes.”
4. National Onion Rings Day—celebrating the classic complement to a delicious hamburger.    
5. Drugs and Laughter Don’t Mix Wellcelebrating the birthday on this day in 1954 of comedian and actor Freddie Prinze best known for his TV series “Chico and the Man” who sadly started using cocaine at the age of 16 and struggled with drugs and depression before committing suicide after signing a one million dollar deal to appear in Las Vegas put a gun to his head and shot himself dead at the age of 22.
On this day in:
a. 1633 on a sad day for science the Holy Office in Rome forced Galileo Galilei to recant his view that the Sun not the Earth was the center of the universe.
b. 1870 Congress created the Department of Justice, which under Holder’s reign became highly politicized and might best be said to be the Department of Injustice and will face a major challenge if the FBI recommends that HRC be indicted.    
c. 1941 in one of history’s biggest blunders while still engaged in a war with Great Britain and lacking strategic bombers to strike deep into the heart of Russia, Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union—only to stall at the gates of Moscow and face three years later on this date the Soviet’s destruction of Germany’s Army Group Center in “Operation Bagration. 
d. 1969 in Cleveland, Ohio, the highly polluted Cuyahoga River caught fire to the dismay of the city fathers; fortunately the fire was instrumental in having the Clean Water Act passed. This was not the first time the river had caught fire and Time Magazine’s front page cover of the fire displayed a fire that had occurred in 1952.
e. 1990 Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin was dismantled as it was no longer needed with the reunification of West and East Germany.   
Reflections on the Cuyahoga River Fire by Randy Newman in his hit song “Burn On.”
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