Sunday, May 6, 2018

Tremors Of Fear From Blues-Trump Slashes Black And Hispanic Unemployment

That tremor the voters feel is not the latest quake
Emitting lava on the Big Island of the Aloha State
No it is the fear emitted by elite Plantation owner Blues
Having Kanye West affirm with Trump you have nothing to lose
No more taken for granted in the fall to be abandoned, now finally time to Reds chose
They, not the Crumbs and Armageddon Pelosi, have sound job creating views
Under Trump the black unemployment rate is the lowest it has ever been since records were being kept
Black elite leaders like Waters and Ellison are fearful in November will not black job growth under Trump forget
Obama’s failed economic policies that devastated black families are a total disgrace
That cannot be repeated by putting Schumer and Pelosi as leaders back in place
If on the Hispanic side with also record unemployment lows voters start voting with their pocket books
They will see that when it came to their jobs, Obama and his Blue thieves of prosperity were total crooks
If so, the mantra of the Blues for an open border will be replaced with a quiet you could hear a pin drop
Replaced by a Blue roar to secure the borders, build the wall and this flood of unskilled potential Red voters stop
Only the best and the brightest who can contribute to our nation the most
Will be allowed to land on our Pacific and Atlantic coasts
© May 6, 2018 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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