Tuesday, May 8, 2018

50 Shades of Grey--The Real Life Sequel

The New York AG has demonstrated that among the elite the reptilian brain is alive and well
Running free and unchecked because he was the darling of the left trying to send the Trump agenda to hell
50 Shades of Grey may be fine for a movie to a sick relationship portray
But in the real world such brutality against women should never see the light of day
How many of the AG’s staff must have known of this man’s perverted abuse for eight years?
How long did he stifle his victims with the power of his office retribution fears?
How could Cuomo watching him go after Weinstein manage to keep a straight face?
With perverted acts all decency of the office of the AG his acts  did efface
The AG because he was on an anti-Trump crusade filing suit after suit
Knew he was immune from reproach to continue his sordid sexual pursuits
So much hypocrisy of this man supporting the Women’s March and the #Metoo movement
But unable to his sadistic acts against his female victims curtail or prevent
What is uncanny is that Trump before he was running in 2013 made a prediction that Schneiderman was next in line
“After Weiner and then Spitzer we’ll have to see if Schneiderman will be charged with a crime”  
No man, Red or Blue, should be allowed to let his reptilian brain against women run unchecked
From any political office or position of authority he should if guilty be summarily ejected
© May 8, 2018 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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