Tuesday, May 8, 2018

May 8, 2018 Tax Remittances To Build Wall

Expecting Mexico or the countries of Central America to come to our aid to the flow of illegals stem
Is the height of delusion to expect help when people are fleeing from poverty, murder, rape and mayhem
Add to that the fact that when illegals the border manage to cross and into the interior disappear
If they dodge the law and get a job soon at the Western Union branch they will appear
To remit a portion of their earnings to family left behind
With 11 million illegals each sending a few dollars the total runs in the billions combined
Mexico receives more money from remittances that it does from oil or tourists to the once Amigo Land
With fears that Trump will ban or tax the practice the amounts are soaring out of hand
Remittances are a drag on our economy and should be taxed and ten to fifteen percent
Cover the border security and Wall construction costs we have spents  
Better to tax for if remittances were to cease those countries would be up a creek without an oar
No wonder our requests  for assistance on immigration they chose to ignore
Money flowing out of the country represents goods and services not bought
Jobs lost harder to realize the economic growth we have sought
Until we start fining and putting business owners who hire illegals in jail
The magnet of jobs drawing illegals here will prevail
We need to expand guest worker permits so certain work like agriculture gets done
But only if e-verify is in place and harsh penalties likewise if the permit has expired but owner that fact shuns
The permits should be for females and males without children in tow
Or the fiscal strain on our public services and schools will exponentially grow
As a carrot to the Central American countries foreign aid should be linked to assistance in stemming the flow
Money that we could use in reducing the national debt we owe
 © May 8, 2018 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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