Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Ban and/or Tax Remittance to Central America

Laura Ingram on the Ingram Angle last night provided some great insight
On why Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador are supporting the “refugees” flight
In Guatemala in 2016 remittances totaled over 7 billion dollars 97 percent from the U.S.A.
Not pocket change over ten percent of Gross National Income no wonder the government wants its citizens to flee and not stay
Remittances to Honduras and El Salvador as a percent of Gross National Income are very comparable
With crime making for the residents of each country somewhat dangerous and unbearable
Without remittances it is a safe bet that the governments would most likely fall
Which is why in Central America the governments are trembling over the construction of  Trump’s “beautiful wall”
Remittances exceed foreign aid by margins quite huge
And are growing faster than the proverbial tidal wave surge
To the extent the migrants are illegal a good chance they are being paid under the table
Without taxes withheld and money flowing out of the country in a stream we should disable
Just as we need a physical wall to hinder the illegal drugs and aliens inflow
We need a remittance barrier to hinder the currency outflow
Either ban the ability of illegals to money to their homeland transmit
Or levy a tax each time an illegal wants to currency to his homeland remit
Use the funds to build the wall or to the states swamped by illegal education costs and emptying their purse
Time to act and act now or the flood of illegal immigration will only get worse
While we are on a wall building roll
A tearing down of the walls of the sanctuary cities should be a priority goal

© May 2, 2018 Michael P. Ridley the Alaskanpoet 

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