Sunday, May 13, 2018

A Mother's Day Gift That Lasts

After the Mother’s Day roses have wilted in the vase
The Mother’s Day Brunch has fled to the scales
The chocolates only a memory of wrappers
The aroma of perfume no longer graces a Mom’s face
The cards put away or tossed away
And the aches and pains relieved by a spa trip slowly returning on a slower pace
The jewels put away in a safe place
The photos of children and grandchildren on the computer stored
An idea for the gift that lasts in the heart and on the page
An ode to Mom to be read or remembered each and every day
“Mother’s Day Ode
You were the model of 24/7 before it came into fashion
When it came to love and understanding always a buffet never rationed
Growing up you were always there
To the wins and joys share
The disappointments and losses to help bear
To mend the fabric of life that too often may tear
You were the symbol of multi-task
Always on deck never off to in success bask
From a bed time story or tuck in to restart again at the dawn
Your advice maybe not what I wanted to hear but almost always spot on
Dad may have been the moral compass to sail to the integrity port through the stormy waves
But you had the oil to spread over the waters to the challenges or fears brave
You may not have been perfect only Christ that trait can claim
But you gave it your all as a mother in acts and in name
On this Mother’s Day, may I always tomorrow and for each day of the year
A promise to always each day the craft of love and time to you always steer
Love you Mom! Hugs and kisses
© May 13, 2018 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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