Friday, May 11, 2018

Starbucks Bathroom Access Wars

In the world of social media with everyone holding a camera smart phone
It is impossible not to be in a potential viral optic zone
Starbucks learned that when police were called in the City of Brotherly Love
To answer the call to for two black men waitng for a third they could not get rid of
Cuffing potential customers especially when they are black is a PR disaster
Memories of the lunch counter sit ins defying the Jim Crow masters
Too its credit Starbucks quickly apologized and on the 29th of May
Will close all its company owned outlets for a racial sensitivity training day
Howard Schultz announced that as of today you do not have to be a customer to relieve
Not clear whether if one is sitting at a table and not ordering will be given the heave
Not clear whether the policy of having combination locks on bathroom doors will remain
If yes will a noncustomer be able to the combination attain
Call it the public bathroom access wars
But as the homeless problem in our cities soar
Combined with opioid addiction that for many is the cause
Many an addict may be using a Starbucks bathroom to shoot up in violation of the law
Tough issue but at least Starbucks is facing it head on
Hopefully access is the norm so people are not forced to use sidewalks and lawns

© May 11, 2018 Michael P. Ridley the Alaskanpoet 

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