Sunday, May 6, 2018

Stanford Alums and the Hunger Games

We supposedly have enough food to most of the world feed
Yet in rich counties like Orange too many are not eating enough for basic caloric needs
In a nation where the biggest problem seems to be diabetes and being grossly overweight
A quarter of a million face the day with a real prospect of not enough food on their plates
Shortened in body, racked by despair without hope and mental growth curtailed
When against your will you are forced to play the Hunger Games in the game of life doomed to fail
Rather than wring hands and wail the problem is too difficult to even try to solve
Second Harvest of Orange County is attacking the problem with rabid resolve
Food trucks scour the homes, markets and restaurants for unneeded or soon to be tossed food to collect
Supplemented with cash and volunteer time donations to see that food needs are met
The Hunger Games and its sequel were as  movies great hits
But if the last of the trilogy is reality not a movie it is a scene for us of conscience not fit
We may survive without clothing and shelter in warmer climes
But without enough food our departure is only a question of how brief will be our time
We cannot while stuffing ourselves, fearful to step on the scales
Stand idly by and close our ears to the hunger pang wails
So on a Cinco de Mayo Saturday when most were in celebration high gear
Of chips and guacamole washed down with margaritas and cold Corona or Pacifico beer
A band of Stanford alums at the Second Harvest food bins early appeared
To move tons of food from collection bins to crates to pallets to food distribution outlets steer
Two to a crate to fill to forty to fifty pounds of weight
Stacked five high on the journey to someone’s half filled plate
A retired parasite and poet with a microbiologist paired
Packing and lifting so caloric Hope could soon by the hungry be shared
Hard work almost like carrying and stacking 48 pound cases of salmon canned
But so rewarding to make a dent in real Hunger Games in this land
On the Farm it is said “The Wind of Freedom Blows.”
In Irvine at Second Harvest it was said and acted “The Wind of Ending Hunger Blows.”
© May 6, 2018 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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