Saturday, May 19, 2018

Ode to a Stag 3028

I belong to a Round Table that meets weekly during the academic year to one of the members give a speech on a topic of his choice and the quality of the speeches are remarkable and cover a broad range of topics. At the end of the year we have a stag event/outing to some of our interesting venues in Southern California following by lunch and an award of the best speech and most researched speech as voted on by the members. Thought you would enjoy this note on the event and the two winning entries
Ode to a Stage 2018

Another day to end the year, another stag to enjoy
The Knights boarded a bus at eight for a day of gems, water and beer to await
After checking ID’s to make sure we shiftless group
Were not jewel thieves looking to heist some valuable loot
Joined by a man of steel fresh from a dialysis bed
Testimony that when push comes to shove a Knight would prefer a stag instead
Fascinating exhibits of gems and jewelry at the GIA on display
Thank God none were for sale or it would have been a B/K filing day
Two Victoria Secrets bras made of jewels one with a 37 million dollar cost
The other a barely A cup with very little dollars to be lost
Then off to a nearby  Carlsbad sandy beach
To tour a plant that from the ocean waters salt it would leach
With an impromptu speech by Peter on the flower fields
And how his marketing plan brought a higher yield
A history of the dawn of color TV and the poinsettia’s advent
To two acres that may soon a purple haze to stoners be sent
Hard hats and vests to see the renaissance of the new water dawn
From drinking to watering our brown parched lawns
Need to build more desal plants or have more people from California flee
From dried brush and tinderbox ready to be ignited inflammable trees
To the Karl Strauss Brew Pub  for a quick repast washed down with foam
To then learn why on this day we left our Orange County homes
Peter stuck it to the chicken and egg man and returned the favor
Like Peter a year ago Grant won most votes for a sum but no trophy to savor
In a day when power point rules and words of eloquence take the back seat
Russ Leatherby won the trophy for on Hoover and the Osage Indians the best speech
And for best researched Mike Mulvihill unlocked the mysteries of Bitcoin and the Blockchain
Maybe the new wealth as other assets lose value and go do the drain
Rare is the nation or group that has a peaceful transfer of power
We Knights are blessed that from a holdover tyrant we never have to cower
Nick Dauderman of the Bushwood Country Club Spring Party fame
Not present but our chairman for next year was at the end named
Great and outstanding job to the troika of Peter, Jerry and Pete
Enjoy the summer Knights looking forward to another season of fellowship and speeches to greet
© May 19, 2018 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet  

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