Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mocking McCain's No Vote W/o Apology Is Dumb

Too often politics has degenerated into win at any cost
Even if in winning the win is pyrrhic as the nation has lost
Too often winning means never having to say you are sorry
A sign of weakness that will prevent one from besting a political quarry
The best defense against attack is to go on the offense and demonize
Never, ever show compassion and heaven forbid apologize
To be forceful in debate but at all times civil
Is somehow viewed as a weak snivel
Instead of a simple we apologize and let the news cycle move
Deemed better to toe the line and a take a pound of flesh as one reproves
And so we see this in the case of mocking John McCain
Who was a victim of torture and from supporting Hapsel will refrain
Vote dismissed by a communications’ director since he will soon be dead
Leaked to an unfriendly press and thinking the confirmation will move ahead
From the White House and Sarah Sanders only the sounds of silence can be heard
Without an apology a molehill becomes a mountain which has to be absurd
Battlelines are quickly drawn, positions hardened and political capital spent
Leaving us to wonder why was the art of the deal not quickly sent
McCain may have been shot down the flight path of the mission, by luck or the SAM’s electronic skill
But the measure of a hero is not avoiding capture but but the torture he endured and the POWs he kept from the butcher’s bill
On that test anyone who believes hero status is not due is out of his mind
And to the facts of what the POWs endured must be clueless or blind
© May 13, 2018 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 

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