Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Harris Slams Haspell

It was high theater today on the Hill
Blue Senators grilling Harspel trying to move in for a kill
Led by Kamala Harris who made Joe McCarthy look like a decency saint
While trying to Haspel as a nail puller, eye gouger, genital electric shocker paint
For a former AG who consistently crossed the badgering a witness line
Shamelessly to pursue her delusional presidential designs
Listening to her rant, interrupt and exude contempt and disdain
Wonder why anyone would put up with such a damning refrain
Save a true patriot with a moral compass that makes Kamala’s spinning out of control
24/7 to obstruct the president and his office as her only goal
Like all the other Blues other than Manchin she still cannot accept the fact
That Trump won, Hillary lost due to ideas and honesty she completely lacked
For her service and willingness to as the Director serve

She deserved better from the likes of Harris for she not Harris is the one trying to our safety preserve.  

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