Saturday, May 5, 2018

Rogue Mueller Needs To Be Reined In

When it comes to objectivity and nonbias Mueller
Is a distrusted  caveat emptor seller
This rogue special prosecutor tasked with finding Russian collusion and interference needs to be reined in
A federal judge caught him in the cookie jar of investigating Manafort not a crime, desperate for a win
A witch-hunt beyond his scope on his activities not related to the election over a decade ago
Unsuccessful to a wary judge was he able in his attempt to snow
Fighting tooth and nail to keep from the judge the memo on his scope and slammed as his arguments failed
While misguided Blues like Schiff and Harris and even a few RINOs wailed
Have to protect this rogue from being fired, needs to be able to complete his job
While a frustrated and distracted president watches as his North Korean gambit may be robbed
This appointment was sent up by a lying corrupt Comey with a leak to a friend
A false anti-Trump dossier not verified but used to the wiretappers to Carter Page send
Rosenstein in terms of managing and directing Mueller is completely MIA
We should be shaking in our boots with such blatant weaponizing of the FBI and DOJ on display
No one no matter how much of a patriot will answer Trump’s clarion call
Knowing that the Mueller attack dogs will line them up against the financial ruin wall.
© May 5, 2018 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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