Saturday, May 12, 2018

Hoover Spying Deja Vu

When Hoover ran the FBI no elected official even a president would have the temerity to question his rule
Fearful that when it came to push come shove Hoover’s secret files had all the damning tools
Oversight of the FBI under Hoover did not really exist
Too much dirt on any President or Congressman or Senator that only a saint could resist
Secret files waiting to see the light of public day
To in disgrace send any elected official on his or her way
Hoover died in office as the first and only director and the politicians vowed that never again would the FBI have so much power
Never again would before the secret reach of an entrenched FBI would politicians have to quake and cower
No longer fearful we became complacent
Assumed no more life time appointments would abuse prevent
Under Obama, Holder the DOJ forgot its objective compass and strayed
No longer objective in pursuant of blind justice it became charged to protect Obama from political harm’s way
After Holder the new replacement was still ready to have political opponents of Obama lynched
Assuring at a tarmac meeting that any investigation would exonerate Clinton on that a sure cinch
Mueller and then Comey as directors of the FBI
Started looking more like Hoover and objectivity deny
The final straw may be the collusion news
That should alarm all Reds and alarm all Blues
The FBI under Comey alarmed as the popularity of the outsider Trump spread
May have into Trump’s campaign decided to a mole embed
Then leaked the anti-Trump dossier and its funding sources to the FISA courts misled
To create a memo to Comey’s firing justify to set up collusion and impeachment articles to be read
When the top level of the FBI is perceived to be working to an election of a candidate deny
Our republic is in dangerous trouble that even ideologues like Schiff, Waters, and Harris must decry
Mueller’s “investigation” of the Russian collusion is a distraction that causes focus to be lost
Of the real collusion of the Deep State and the DNC to overturn the election at any cost
© May 12, 2018 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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