Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Texas Bails From Refugee Resettlement Due To Lack Of Security

We have already seen state after state Obamacare exchanges drop out leaving only six
Money losing proposition if you are only insuring those with preexisting conditions and the really sick
The straw that will break Obamacare’s back
While delivering Hillary’s campaign a massive setback
Will be double digit premium increases that will our wallets whack
Watch the death spiral continue and the number of insured contract
The lights must be burning at her campaign and the White House into the late night
Trying so hard to delay the increases until after the polls close to avoid voter anger blight   
In a different arena from Obama’s misguided policies watch the states begin to bail
Texas is the first to from the Refugee Resettlement Program its participation derail
The feds have refused to approve Texas’ refugee security plan
No wonder Trump has hit a responsive chord wanting without “extreme” vetting a ban
When it comes to insuring no radicalized Islamists Obama’s people are like ostriches with heads in the sand
So quick to throw down the red card of Islamaphobia at the “deplorables” who refuse to march to the PC band
I pity poor Hillary trying to pass herself off as an Obama clone
When more and more Islamist attacks are being aimed at our homes
As such an uninspiring candidate that too many of us absolutely due to her dishonestly detest
She needs Obama’s and his coalition’s support to prevent Trump to from her the White House wrest
© September 21, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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