Friday, September 16, 2016

A Fake Gun Two Cases of Drugs--Parents MIA

Three tragic pieces of news that makes one wonder and scratch one’s head
In one, a 13 year old black youth armed with realistic looking gun is shot by police dead
The other two cases involved drugs, one with parents passed out in a car
More likely than not their arms would reveal many tracks and needle scars
A young child in the back in a car seat wondering why his parents did not move
While a nation looks at the photo and thoroughly disapproves
The other involved a kindergarten whose task is to the first grade students prepare
Not to bring drugs in to show and tell or share
A five year old had bags of heroin not a couple but thirty
When tested for heroin thank God he did not test dirty
Thought the white powder was candy that he could bite open and eat
Not knowing that these bags would have been a deadly treat
Being parents or sadly a single parent in too many homes is a full time job
A lot of love and laughter but mixed with stress and a few parental sobs
What kind of parent allows a child to have a realistic gun and then does not impress upon him a commandment that one must never point it at a cop
So realistic with a conclusion that the officer may about to be killed and he is not looking down the barrel of a toy prop
Drug dealers may be a ruthless, uncaring lot but probably even the most perverted would not sell heroin to a child of five
The parents or parent of this kid are lucky he didn’t bite upon a bag or two and be hit with an overdose and not survive.
The parents in the two cases of drugs should have protective services pounding on their door
That callous endangerment we as a society cannot ignore
Likewise if the 13 year had survived his wounds in this gun pointing display
Endanger a child without training and discipline in the use of this gun and for his safety he should be taken away
The parents of the 13 year old no longer have a child to lose to the protection of the state
Only the grief for another victim in the never ending gun violence debate
        © September 16, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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