Monday, September 12, 2016

Hillary Has The Pneumonia Deception Bug

Getting sick is unfortunately a fact of human life that before we die affects us all
But why when it involves a tightening race going into the fall
Is Hillary’s and her campaign's reflex act to the voters try to deceive?
Other than fueling more speculation on her health what is she trying to achieve?
She comes down with pneumonia and on 9/11 memorial event
Almost collapses and has to leave in her waiting van to Chelsea’s apartment to be sent
The explanation that she was suffering from the heat and dehydration was released
Antibodies can and will treat pneumonia and the dangers usually cease
Had she immediately to the press indicated she had been stricken by the pneumonia bug
By the voters a lot of symbolic sympathetic and empathetic hugs
But the treating an almost psychotic penchant for privacy most doctors cannot find
So once again Hillary finds herself with the voters in a terrible bind
First the blast at Trump supporters as being in a basket so deplorable
Then the collapse and cover-up made for optics more than horrible
Since she loves to raise cash from her wealthy Hollywood elite
She must be sicker than we thought to from a fund raiser in California retreat
Since this campaign has been like no other on both sides
The voters and the press being taken on a roller coaster ride
Here is a sobering and if either a Red or Blue a really disturbing thought
What if Hillary by the DNC is forced out to have the White House by Biden to be sought?
No baggage, no emails, no pay for play, no lies, no paranoia for privacy, and no above the law, only an occasional gaffe
Regardless of his views, an honorable and decent men whose faults make all of us laugh
  © September 12, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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