Tuesday, September 6, 2016

More Iranian Naval Chickens

While Obama is in Laos pledging aid to help Laotians remove 80 million bombs that failed to explode
The Iranian navy once again is in a dangerous harassment mode
8 Iranian patrol boats shadowing the USS Firebolt coming in as close as 500 yards
Then one crossed her bow and stopped 100 yards away Firebolt’s path now barred
The Firebolt is a Cyclone Class patrol boat 178 feet long
Was able to evade a collision of the Iranian no longer moving where it did not belong
The Iranians their chests puffed out with the recent 400 million ransom cash
Continue to try to humiliate us, treating our naval ships like trash
This is a dangerous game of naval chicken and is part of a worldwide disturbing trend
Fear of and respect for us seems to be rapidly coming to an end
Maybe the Iranians are trying to an armed response provoke
To give them the excuse to the nuclear deal revoke
If that explains our rules of engagement of not blowing the Iranians out of the water it is a joke
Iran is hell bent on a path to quickly build a weapon and missiles to carry while the fires of terror it continues to stoke
I fear that the only language the Iranians understand is the use of force
Looking at Obama’s record all they see are empty threats and will not change course
Look back in history to the Barbary pirates emboldened by years of tribute
Did not stop seizing ships until we blockaded their ports and sent a force led by Marines to retribute
Force should always be the last resort but it must be a credible likely threat
With the current occupant in the White House inaction by the U.S. will for the Iranians be a safe bet
Sadly the naval game of chicken will probably get worse
Our credibility next to zero due to the red line in the sand curse
It is only a question of time before ships will collide
Bodies of dead sailors will be floating in the gulf’s tides
       ©  September 6, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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