Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Limegate And Employgate Just The Latest Clinton Scandal

Two news items make it very clear that when it comes to shakedown, the Clintons are in the top tier with their hands out to money grab
The Perfume Foundation was looking to after a hurricane for a speaker at its inaugural confab
So the Perfume Foundation turned to a willing Bill
For less than an speech $260,000 into the Clinton till
Here’s where not all perfume has a welcome fragrance
And when it comes to pay for play, the Clintons never pass up a good chance
A few months later the Clinton Foundation to the industry’s aide
Limeoil is often a key ingredient on how perfume is made
Too many lime trees in Haiti by a hurricane had been destroyed
So to plant 30,000 lime trees Clinton Foundation funds were deployed
Coincidence or the worthy goals of the Foundation at work to repair impoverished farms?
Or the darker side of pay to play that should raise alarm?
Sadly the Clintonites are not stupid enough to leave a paper or electronic trail
And no one in their right mind would admit to being a party to extortion and end up in jail
The next news item also reveals a consistent  pattern of corruption on display
300 donors to the Foundation were hired by State to start enjoying government pay
Were these the best qualified and should have been or would have been hired in any event?
Or were these more like major donor Rajiv Fernando who onto a nuclear security advisory board was sent?
Totally unqualified with access to very sensitive nuclear weapons intel
Like the old practice in the British Army of commissions to buy and sell
Like the corrupt stench emanating from what is now referred to as Limegate
More likely the case of yet another example of the pay to work corruption during her time at State
If we continue to hire not the best and brightest but rather
Those individuals who are best at bundling donations to gather
We are heading further and faster down a government incompetence slope
While facing more and more difficult issues and concern led by officials who will struggle to cope
© September 21, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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