Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Obama Wants To Shove 100,000 Refugees Down Our Throats

It should not be rocket science to see why Trump has struck a responsive chord
Obama and his elite are shoving refugees down our throats; the border is open welcome aboard
Almost all do not speak oour language, many have little or no skills
A significant number are radicalized or will soon be and like in St. Cloud will try to maim or kill
Isolated in neighborhoods with no desire to assimilate with each day more bitterness filling their hearts
Frustrated that from their homeland due to civil war and radical terror they had to depart
While our communities that were never consulted and are struggling to pay their education bills
When they express concern of improper vetting are lashed as deplorables by Hillary’s voice so shrill
We deplorables by Hillary so wrongly misnamed are a charitable lot
But increasingly more personal safety for our families does not by are leaders seem to be sought
Obama lectures to us that we should have no fear
Easily said when you have the Secret Service protecting you if danger suddenly appears
Trump has hit the nail squarely and firmly on its head
We cannot vet these refugees and many Americans will wind up dead
Even if we could, let remember and not forget Rahami was until he visited Afghanistan and Pakistan
Not until he met his wife there he was not marching to the radical Islam’s lonely hearts terrorist band  
Our government has absolutely zero credibility when it comes to the reality of the radical Islam threat
Our government has absolutely zero credibility when it comes to its ability to properly these refugees vet
It cannot even deport illegals under deportation orders, by naturalizing almost a 1000 instead
Worse the flood will continue until once and for all we develop a strategy to Islamists from Muslims be shed
If we want to really help these wretched souls
Then safe zones in Iraq and Syria must be our goal
Regime change with good results in the short and long term we have not learned to master
We are 0 for 2 in Libya and Iraq under Hillary’s meddling, a complete and utter disaster
What sound mind would possibly expect in replacing  Assad we would avoid being 0 for 3?
Insanity just like a alcoholic believing his drinking again would not degenerate into another continuous drunken spree
The only regime change that we should be tirelessly working on
Is to make sure on January 20th, Trump and his family are gazing out of the White House at its lawn
© September 20, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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