Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Country Going To Hell And A Hand Basket While HRC Fiddles With Sexist And Racist Card

This nation is facing major problems on the domestic and foreign stage
But what garners all attention on the media’s page?
Allegations that the former Miss Venezuela was called “Miss Piggy” by Donald Trump
Hillary with her predator husband so quick to throw down the sexist card while on the stump
Coupled with an 8 year old “birther” issue long since buried--who cares?
Trump is a racist while our job cupboard is bare?
The theater we have to endure is being flooded with smearing sludge
The former beauty queen has just been accused of threatening to kill a judge
What crime or slight did this judge commit to unleash such a threatening diatribe?
He indicted her boyfriend for shooting the husband of boyfriend’s sister who had committed suicide
Classic, just classic--two felons like peas in a pod who escaped indictment, one who was protected by a president who will not let his legacy be unwound
The other because there was a lack of evidence tying Machado as the getaway driver for her to over to the authorities be bound
If you think that is outrageous and mud slinging at Trump and can’t get worse don’t hold your breath
Uttered by a Clinton lackey who after finishing third in Iowa gave a great imitation of someone smoking meth
None other than the author of the rebel yell at the end of the Dean Scream
Howard Dean whose bias and gutter charges from his mind he has never be able to wean
Because of Trump’s sniffles during the debate Dean alleged he was on coke
Hillary and her Blues are running a campaign that on record and issues is totally broke
© September 28, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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