Thursday, September 15, 2016

HRC's And Obama's Policies Into Basket Of Deplorables Not Voters

Hillary in an arrogant, elitist, disdainful display has attacked Trump’s support
Half of which she claims are of a racist, sexist, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, homophobic sort
She claims they belong in the deplorables’ basket
Hillary’s attack looks like her short circuit, she is blowing an emotional gasket
The other half are just looking for change of any kind
Perhaps Hillary the anemic economy you wish to ape has put them in a bind
To call a man or woman deplorable means he or she merits only contempt or disgust
Strong words indeed from a woman who some two thirds of voters distrust
Strong words indeed from a woman who ignored Stevens’ pleas and hung him out to dry
4 Americans in Benghazi needlessly due to her had to die
Strong words indeed from a woman who was recklessly careless with material classified
Strong words indeed from a woman whose paranoia creates a reflex to us, Congress and the FBI lie
What is deplorable is that for the first time in history for the full Obama terms we have had not one year of growth over three percent
What is deplorable is that due to NAFTA and soon TPP millions of jobs outside the U.S. have been or will be sent
What is deplorable is that our borders are as porous as Swiss cheese
With illegal aliens and cartel drugs flowing with epidemic causing ease
What is deplorable is that radical Islam is alive and well running unchecked
What is really deplorable is that Obama has surpassed all presidents in our history combined in adding to the national debt
What is deplorable is that our cities ruled by Blues for decades have become vast killing zones
Unsafe even in daylight for residents to venture outside their homes
What is deplorable is that the Blues have to the teachers’ unions become mere puppets jerked by their masters’ strings
Condemning our children to failing education and the poverty, immobility and path to jail failed schools too often bring
What is deplorable is the number of of food stamps and cost of medical care rising like rockets into the air
While the cupboard of men and women job applicants crushed by not finding a job looking very bare
If there is a basket of deplorables, what should we place therein?
Not voters but Obama’s and Hillary’s policies that have made and will make it impossible to our challenges win!
© September 15, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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