Saturday, September 10, 2016

20 Million And Counting "Deplorables"

The lights must be on late in the Hillary Election Camp
As her sliding support continues on the downward ramp
Cracks in the façade bring people together are beginning to appear
Doubts over her lack of honesty among voters will not disappear
After nine months of hiding from the press
Even though most of them stories adverse to her they usually suppress
Actually without advance notice on tarmac fielded a few questions
Mostly softball unlike in the town hall where her dishonesty and illegality were a topic mentioned
Last night in a shades of Romney’s 47 percent
She shredded her “Working Together” campaign tent
Attacking Trump and his advisers is fair game
But half of his supporters as “deplorable” merits only shame
This women exemplifies what is wrong with professional politicians whose only goal
Is to raise money to stay in office, to for access and favors to sell their moral soul
Those of us who are appalled that Obama is releasing convicted illegal aliens back on to our streets
Are not xenophobic because they do not want to a criminal alien unarmed meet
Those of us on the eve of 9/11 who are appalled that radical Islam is running wild
Are not Islamaphobic when we demand vetting only to by Hillary arrogantly be reviled
Nor are those who believe that in this country Sharia law and the Constitution cannot coexist
To our last drop of blood the advance of radical Islam must be named and we must resist
Those of us who fault BLM for ignoring the black on black slaughter on our inner city streets
Are not racist because we demand school vouchers and charter schools so young blacks have a better chance to compete
The only true misogynists are the Clintons one of whom is a predator and the other savaged the victims as bimbos
While hypocritically viewing themselves as above the law worthy of wearing sacred nimbus
The of us who believe as an article of faith that a marriage is a union between a male and female
Are not homophobic subject to Hillary’s conversion support on the campaign trail
The only persons Americans should put in a basket to deplore
Are Hillary and Bill who for over thirty years laws for mere mortals chose to ignore
Most recently it now appears Hillary chose to justice obstruct
To conceal the Clinton pay for play practices so typical of the Clintons and so corrupt
“Stronger Together” sounds great but out of Clintons’ lips it is a hypocritical  myth to rejected
On Election Day the millions of “Deplorables” will insure that Hillary will not be elected.
 © September 10, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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