Thursday, September 22, 2016

House Moving Forward To Hold Paglioni In Contempt

There is an old idiom that says “If you lie down with dogs you will rise up with fleas.”
In a political context it would be “Associate with the Clintons and you catch the above the law disease
Paglioni, the high tech wiz who set up Hillary’s email server, has a valid House subpoena ignored
This complete disregard ala Clinton for the legal process we as a nation cannot afford
The House oversight committee has voted to hold Paglioni in contempt
Just because he worked for a Clinton does not make him from legal process exempt
The full House will soon vote on whether to hold Paglioni in contempt for his failure to appear
Looking at what happened to Holder and Lerner when held in contempt he sadly has nothing to fear
Under Lynch who breached all ethical restraints
Meeting with Bill Clinton all sense of objectivity fatally tainted
Paglioni could appear and assert to all questions the fifth
And any threat of contempt his appearance would lift
And it would destroy once and for all Hillary’s desire her aides be truthful myth
With no judge present in the booth to comment on the fifth, a few more percentages of the vote to Trump as a gift
If he refuses and Trump wins it is very possible a pardon of him is not within Obama’s rights
A new AG if Trump desired could prosecute but if Hillary had been pardoned not worth the likely partisan fight
Even if Hillary is not pardoned Trump will probably act like the art of the deal master and a compromise craft
Not prosecute but recover some of Bill’s pay to pay speaking fees and all Clintons and the Foundation go on their separate paths
Allowing the nation to concentrate on having its citizens try to unite
To concentrate on jobs, border security and the radical Islamist fight
© September 22, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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