Monday, September 5, 2016

Florida State Receiver Sits Down With Autistic Boy

College football players constantly amaze us with their strength, agility, endurance and speed
Save when they are off the field and the laws and proper treatment of women they often fail to heed
Florida State has a winning football program a fact no one should doubt
Many a time that has faced them has faced a humiliating rout
But off the field women to often are viewed as quarterbacks that must be sacked
Since 2009 the Seminoles have led the nation in committing sexual attacks
20 young men for rape and sexual assault have been arrested
That there is a problem here that the University seems fit to ignore cannot be contested
No one has a right to blitz a women’s right to refuse an unwanted advance
A man when met with a no needs to have his little brain call time out no matter what she is wearing or how seductively she dances
No means no and plying a women with alcohol until unconscious means no too
Forget that and on conviction a lifetime of being labeled a sexual predator will ensue
Against that backdrop the news the other will warm your heart
Bo Paske is an 11 year old with autism that causes his classmates to from him depart
A lunch time always sitting alone without a friend near
While at nearby tables the sounds of laughter and joking about him, he can probably hear
Travis Rudolph, a wide receiver for the Seminoles, had visited the school to speak in class
Walking a route holding a lunch on a tray did not view Bo as a corner to be avoid and continue past
No Travis sat down with Bo to some company provide
While someone snapped a photo of the lunch and sent it on a viral ride

A simple moment of kindness not scripted or planned in advance
Bo will probably never eat alone again and may well be asked to dance
Good you Travis, may you in your football career and the game of life always excel
Blessed your knowledge that you have lifted an autistic boy from an ostracized hell
© September 5, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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