Thursday, September 1, 2016

Press Is Not Dead Yet--Final Two Years Of Pay To Play Calendar To Be Released Before Election

Finally in dealing with corruption the 4th Estate is showing signs it’s not dead yet
And for those signs of stirring the American people owe Judicial Watch a great debt
After the Associated Press was slammed by the Clintonites for “cherry picking” the first two years of the $156 million access pay to play
The State Department in job preservation mode put into gear as to the next two years release its slow walking display
Finally due to mounting pressure and outrage by the voters and by the press
The disclosure of her calendar’s last two years State could no longer suppress
One would hate to on the number of meetings or the donation or speaking fees link hazard a guess
But knowing Clinton Greed the first two years were merely the pay to play Beta and many more millions lined the Foundation’s treasure chest
If you listen carefully you will another ticking time bomb hear
Soon to be revealed will be the 15,000 emails deleted but recovered which may well show how Hillary donations and speaking fees tried to steer
Hillary may not have any respect for the law
It is her and Bill’s fatal character flaw
But she is smart and the lessons learned as a young lawyer are in her mind seared
If no one knew about her server and when known she deleted she would have nothing to fear
But Judicial Watch and the Benghazi Committee are the equivalent of a Butterfield
She has been exposed, her credibility totally shot through and through and she has run out of denials to field
If Trump can only stay on message her political career will be like the setting Sun
Fading away into darkness wiping out the lessons learned when her legal career had just begun  
         © September 1, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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