Thursday, September 1, 2016

In War On Guns 9th Circuit Upholds Ban On Sale Of Guns To Medical Marijuana Card Holders

We all know that under a Clinton Administration the 2nd Amendment would be under increased attack
But here as 23 states and counting legalize marijuana for medical and/or recreational use is a surprising fact
Section 922(g) of the Gun Control Act of 1968 now the law of the land
Provides that anyone using or addicted to illegal drugs, the sale of guns to them must be banned
A Nevada woman who had obtained a medical marijuana card tried to buy a gun to no avail
Sued the gun shop owner and the ATF in federal court but the gun shop and the ATF prevailed
Trial judge dismissed the case though the plaintiff alleged no marijuana use
Another example of the dogs of war on the 2nd Amendment being set loose
The 9th Circuit by a 3-zip vote upheld the lower court
When it comes to defending the 2nd Amendment these leftist judges came up way short
In a decision almost out of a caricature from Reefer Madness the court found marijuana use and gun ownership poses a risk to the public too great
One wonders what these august judges were smoking or sniffing with rolled $100 bills from their plates
When was the last time we have heard reports of someone being shot?
By a medical card owner for medical uses who had used pot?
Evidence of irrational behavior beyond dispute?
More like evidence the War on the 2nd Amendment firmly taking root
The court has just eliminated the rights of countless medical card holders to with a firearm protect themselves from attack
Based on a flawed reasoning with evidence and common sense completely lacks
By the same reasoning will residents of states like Colorado have to take drug tests to see if they have used
Whether occasionally or frequently or with heavy use abused?
It is now more difficult for a law abiding patient using medical marijuana to buy a firearm
Than someone on the “No Fly List” who is a more likely suspect to cause deadly harm
Possessing a medical marijuana card legally in a state is not a federal crime
Hope the NRA steps up to the plate and appeals as this decision seems over the top, way over the line!
© September 1, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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