Thursday, September 8, 2016

Senate Blues Play Filibuster Tune As Zika Spreads

We are facing a pandemic that will condemn thousands upon thousands of newborns to a lifetime of being mentally and physically impaired
The Zika virus spread by mosquitoes shrinks the skull and damages the brain beyond any means of repair
How does the Senate, that supposed noble body of debate and compromise, to this looming crisis  respond?
The Blues in the Senate act only like lap dogs barking in accord with their party leaders’ political wand
The notes from the Blue sections of the gridlock orchestra are sour, off tune and flat
But they have sent our doctors to the plate to face the Zika pitcher but taken away their bats
Any family whose baby will be born with a shrunken head and brain
Should be descending on these Blues to show them first hand their pain
A family should not be crucified on the cross of lapdog Planned Parenthood support
Forcing a mother infected with Zika to have no choice but to abort
Compromise in this “noble” body thanks to Reid and soon Schumer as his heir
Sadly as evidenced by the Zika vote is dead beyond any chance of repair
In the era of imperial presidencies that Obama has elevated to the nth degree
Just another reason to vote for Trump and Senate Reds to us from this gridlock free
© September 8, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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