Monday, September 19, 2016

Obama Slams Trump Lectures The Press

Obama’s attacks on Trump are really getting shrill
Time to get him back on the golf course so he can chill
Trump may have his warts and may have his faults
But one of them is not wanting to keep America safe from jihadist assaults
Obama reminds me of the Lifelock commercials where the monitor tells the homeowners their home is termite infested
Then after so stating to the frustrated owners pulls the door from its hinges without any ideas or solving suggestions
The nation was supposed to be assured that our leader was at a fund raiser monitoring the situation
Slamming Trump and praising Hillary as the only one fit to lead this nation
Not a word about terror in three different states until today when he like the arrogant professor lectured the press
Alleging they were not doing their job by getting ahead of the facts by becoming with our safety from terror obsessed
Listening to Obama’s lackey Josh Earnest describe our struggle as a “narrative battle”
Makes one believe the delusions at the White House are alive and well no where near a welcome death rattle
How many more Americans will have to be crucified on the PC cross?
How many more acts of terror will by Obama and Hillary be over glossed?
Before the delusions of we winning the war against radical Islam into the trash heap of history be tossed?
Before this nation with a Trump commander in chief has a strategy to win regardless of the cost?
 © September 19, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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