Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Mandatory Interlocks To Stop The DUI Carnage

In broad daylight on a sunny afternoon in a stroller in a crosswalk
No safety when the danger of alcohol for victims stalks
A 15 month old boy with 80 plus years left to live
In an instant brain dead with only organs left to give
Mary Higgins aged 72 drunk in the afternoon but still behind the wheel
Probably another alcoholic ignoring the don’t drink and drive appeal
We have airbags, seatbelts and side mirrors mandated to protect those inside a car
Bumpers to the monetary damage of a minor collision bar  
We have catalytic converters to protect the air we breathe
Why not a mandatory device to a reduction of deaths by DUIs try to achieve?
Every car off the assembly line should be equipped with an interlock device
So no more Liams in a crosswalk should have to pay a mortal price
Blow into it and if you are over .08, the car will not move
Overnight watch the statistics for deaths and injuries from DUIs start to improve
Overnight watch the costs of auto insurance start to be reduced
Overnight watch the increasing  number of jail cells and guards go into disuse
Overnight watch the growing  number of DUI lawyers forced to find another line of work
Soon the specter of death or maiming by a DUI will not longer on our streets always lurk
Sadly a pipe dream that will never come to pass
Cities, courts, guards and lawyers making too much money on DUIs will insure the carnage lasts
Sadly, a boy of 15 months has paid the ultimate price
Could have been avoided if the driver would have had an interlock device
© September 5, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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