Thursday, March 28, 2019

Tlaib and Green File Impeachment Articles As Trump Rallies in Michigan

Green and Tlaib Blues have turned on Pelosi a deaf ear
To her warnings disaster from impeachment in 2020 election year
No collusion or obstruction in Mueller Report
Despite $25 million and two years it came up short
Yet Nadler and Schiff will not let go
Quixote like trying to on collusion Americans snow
Ignoring Michelle’s forlorn hope that Democrats go high when Republicans go low
Sinking to the depths of depravity as venom increases and does not slow
Albright said women not voting for Hillary deserve a special place in Hell
Schiff, Nadler, Waters, Swalwell  and others likewise as collusion they keep trying to sell
Schiff like McCarthy for lying to the people will find his days numbered
Will sink into the mud by the lies his credibility has been encumbered
Pelosi wants to remain in power and should remove him as Intel chair
Having him as a lying lightning rod for Reds will be more than she can bear
Schiff has joined the ranks of Bush, Hillary, Rubio and others tagged by a Trump nickname
Lying Schiff now a pencil neck and a perfect target for Trump’s attempts to shame
Blues will soon be running out of time
When all they have is investigation slime
No ideas, no policies that are near and dear to American hearts
Unless some bipartisanship they should be excluded from the 2020 election mart

© March 28, 2019 Michael P. Ridley The Alaskanpoet

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