Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Reds Demand Lying Schiff Resign

Adam Schiff’s mantra and code of conduct on Trump is to the truth ignore
His constant lies of evidence of collusion fueled the continuation of witch-hunt that should have been ignored
Like McCarthy claiming that Communist Party members had infested Army and the State
Schiff’s anti-Trump animus alleging collusion hobbled and weakened our ship of state
No way to engage Russia in areas where the two nuclear armed forces could work toether
As Trump would be charged of being an agent shackled to Putin’s tether
The $25 million we lost we can recover
But not the lost opportunities for easing tensions we did not discover
Schiff throughout this mess has been a bald faced liar
A wooden nose and pants on fire.
How can any man work with the other side?
When he is accused falsely of being a Russian agent trying to sweep our defense aside
Two years of potential compromises swept away by the broom of gridlock over the cliff
Americans care about issues like jobs, safety, health care not the collusion lies of Adam Schiff
Republicans are joining in increasing foray
That Adam Schiff for his lies should go away
At minimum he should resign as chairman of House Intel
His lies are rotten, damaging the nation and really smell
But Schiff is defiant and gearing up for a fight
If collusion is plainly visible, he alone must have 20/5 eyesight
© March 26, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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