Sunday, March 31, 2019

Herring Shortage May Curtail Lobster

For lobster lovers disturbing news that on prices will have an adverse bearing
Lobsters are caught in traps that must be baited and the bait of choice is herring
The disturbing news is that the catch of herring is significantly down
Lobster men may not have enough bait to put enough traps on the marine grounds
Plus with the Chinese devouring lobster like it is going out style
The poor consumer here may be looking at high prices for quite a while
Nothing beats a steamed lobster with garlic butter in which to dip
Try one and you will be locked into its addictive culinary grip
If in Little Saigon, the lobster is sliced up
So a struggle over extracting the whole tail does not erupt
No need for the bibs as each piece easily comes free
Unless allergic to shell fish it’s a meal so easy to agree
Hard to believe that not too long ago lobster was thought of as scrap fish
Not worthy to be classified as a 5 star epicurean dish
Let’s hope the lobster men find a substitute for herring
So during the summer lobster bakes with friends we will be sharing
For those who on cholesterol levels seemed doomed to dwell
Relax, a lobster is probably 90% shell   
© March 31, 2019 Michael P. Ridley  

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