Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Blues Have Bet the Collusion Farm

The Blues are rightfully sounding worried alarms
On collusion they doubled down with Mueller and bet the electoral farm
After two years of attacking Trump with lies of collusion and obstruction around him to swarm
Mueller concluded no obstruction and no collusion to our elections harm
Brennan was the first of many to be forced to eat crow
Blatant lies and deception to try to treason show
Clapper whose lying to America on surveillance, his defense of his accusations were deception weak
Americans were not awed , the Mueller Repot was not flawed and accountability for the likes of Clapper we must seek
Waters with her daily accusations without any factual shreds
Deserves from Americans who believe in the rule of law our castigation instead
Nadler without a single collusion fact
Daily was spouting the collusion and obstruction attack
Schiff touting evidence of collusion we have yet to see because it does not exist
The poster child of the Blues who could not accept the election results and could only resist
Swalwell like in Albright’s world for women who did not vote for Hillary needs to go to a special place in hell
Day in and day out for two years on a false collusion and obstruction he continued to dwell
The FBI’s top brass corrupted to its very core
Sham investigation of Hillary her crimes to ignore
The Blues worshipped Mueller as their shining knight, their integrity hero
But when he found no collusion or obstruction they lowered his integrity to below zero
Swalwell may be cramped in his special place in hell
Joined by pundit after MSM pundit rabidly collusion trying to sell
The push by the Blues to commence the collusion and obstruction false sequel
Will expose the Blues to revenge by voters upset by lies that will know no equal
© March 26, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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