Tuesday, March 12, 2019

AOC's Green New Deal--Too Much Time Between Meals

AOC’s Green New Deal will make Stalin’s starvation of the Kulaks look like their’s was an all you can eat meal
Take away fossil fuels in ten years and you take away the ability to food distribution deal
No tractors or reapers to harvest the food and no trucks to the markets to deliver
Starvation will quickly ensue in the cities a crime for which the survivors will never forgive her
This woman is an existential threat with her ideas if implemented would make it hard for humans to survive
 No matter how much money we had only the heaviest of us would a famine survive
We have too many people for each to have a small amount of food growing fields
Without plows and tractors and truck driven fertilizer not enough food to yield
She is sucking, as the poster child of the socialistic left, all of the air
Leaving plans of ruination that will doom us to despair
Totally an idiot on economic needs of an economy to grow
Wanting to plant the seeds of socialism to sow
Not knowing the planting and reaping would be a disaster
Leaving us helpless to face any crisis including starvation to master
© March 4, 2019 Michael P. Ridley

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