Friday, March 29, 2019

Emmanuel Blames Trump For Smollett Hoax

Rahm Emmanuel who fortunately is not running for reelection
In his response to Smollett deviates from objectivity and goes to over the top rhetoric as his selection
Blames Trump for the hoax by creating a toxic environment that seduced Smollett that he could get away with his crime
What an absolute crock that should be thrown back in Emmanuel’s face as a justification without reason or rhyme
That somehow because people in restaurants wearing MAGA hats have been abused or barred
That the credibility of two people out in the freezing cold assaulting Smollett by Chicagoans would not discard
The world of Blues has gone so typically berserk
When no matter what, blame Trump is the response knee jerk
The only thing Emmanuel has tried to do but failed to do it right
Was to demand repayment for some of the police costs investigating the hoax that night
The person whose culpability dwarfs that of Emmanuel
Is Kim Foxx whose campaign transparency promise went to Hell
After contacted by Michelle’s former chief of staff the prosecution is blocked
Then the evidence garnered by the police is to the public locked
No transparency by this anti-police crusader Foxx
Represents on the rule of law and equal justice a major pox
The feds are still in the game over Smollett’s use of the mails to mail to himself white powder
Mailing something that resembles anthrax is against the law and the cries for prosecution should grow louder
Along with an inquiry of what if anything has Kim Foxx received?
In order to Smollett from prosecution without explanation be relieved
© March 29, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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