Saturday, March 2, 2019

No Prosecution For Sacramento Cops Who Killed Unarmed Black

The District Attorney has announced that her office will not prosecute the two officers who killed Stephon Clark
Since he was unarmed save a cell phone expect the decision to violent protests spark
One officer black and one officer white
Pulled their triggers 20 times that deadly night
Maybe because it was after 9 and probably dark
Could not tell the difference and nNot all 20 shots hit their mark
They kept shooting as he fell and crawled slowly away
Does not sound like a proper use of self defense on display
No wonder there are many in the black communities that encounters with the police fear
Even though some progress has been made prosecute not the police is trait to which most D.A.’s adhere
A private autopsy revealed he had been shot in the back
Consistent with after falling crawling away from this attack
Not sure when and which of the shots were the mortal ones
But empyting their guns on a man crawling away a practice police must shun
Sacramento now faces a $20 million wrongful death suit
Sacramento now on edge that riots and lootings will take root
Newsom on this one has called it right; use of deadly force rules may be out of whack
 If he had started to put phone in his pocket it may not saved him from this lethal attack
It is a sad day when parents and schools may need to teach children how to with police interact
To avoid getting shot and to their homes because they are in the morgue not come back
© March 2, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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