Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Blues See No Crisis Hear No Crisis Speak No Crisis

When it comes to the crisis on the border which most Blues have avoided visiting like the plague
And when it comes to border security like a wall have on their promise to build chose to renege
Not a mystery, not even such a 180 hard to understand
They are in the forefront of a severe Trump Derangement Syndrome infecting this land
Build a wall was a campaign pledge to the voters made
They want to by denying his pledge his campaign chances degrade
The Blues mantra has become vote for anything that hurts Trump
Vote against anything that favors Trump and toss it into the dump
Close ranks like a phalanx and be puppets tied to Pelosi’s strings
Anyone expressing dissent or independent thought, AOC’s list a primary challenge to bring
We are in a border crisis the Border Patrol without barriers cannot possible contain
Anyone who cannot understand the downward effect on wages of an open border has no brain
Anyone who cannot grasp the evils of trafficking of women and children by cartels
Needs to go to a special place reserved for them in Hell
Anyone who cannot be concerned over the surge in illegal alien crime
Has no heart or if once did that heart like the drug victims has flatlined
No leftist 9th Circuit Judge should be on this National Emergency be allowed to rule
Until he or she goes to the border to see for his or her own eyes why barriers are a must have tool
© March 6, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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