Sunday, March 31, 2019

Biden Picking Abrams-Take The Cake Or Wise Move

Uncle Joe Biden already seeing his reputation by a sexual harassment claim tarnished
Is contemplating naming from his announcement the candidate for Vice President he wants his appeal to garnish
Stacey Abrams a black female who barely lost in the Georgia gubernatorial race
But then refused to concede and let the winner rightfully take his place
Tagged a sore loser who received a lot of flack
Abrams may want to a Senate seat effort track
Could be a déjà vu moment ala Ted Cruz
Who announced he would pick Fiorina as VP but went to Indiana to lose
Politics makes strange bedfellows and Biden’s move may take the cake
A move that would be a campaign ending mistake
Or it might shore up his tarnished standing with females and the progressive wing
Hold on to your seats too soon to see what twists and turns 2020 will in the fall bring
© March 31, 2019 Michael P. Ridley

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