Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Waste of Time to Meet with Trump????

Schumer and Pelosi remind us of the spoiled brat who because he was not picked for his favorite team
Took the only soccer ball home despite the other children’s howls and screams
Schumer on the Senate floor announced an agreed upon meeting with the president would be a waste of time
Cancelled even though the market on hope of a tax cut continued on all cylinders its record climb
Pelosi and Schumer are playing with a possible shutdown the game of Russian roulette
Hypocritical claiming pious voices their newfound concern over increasing the national debt
A party with no ideas to spur growth other than to take more money from the private sector off the table
Talk about believing that their no growth or anemic Obama like growth does not stink—seduced by that fable
If the Blues continue this obstructionist boycott of tax cuts and the economy with a Red tax cut really soars
In the midterms old Chuckie and old Nancy and their lackeys will hear only to them the closing of Congress’doors
Americans do not want prosperity from a tax cut to be held hostage to illegal aliens’ “rights”
They are sick and tired of Blues putting puts what’s good for a nation beneath their desire to wage a scorched earth fight
Americans are sick and tired of Schumer and Pelosi putting their desire for power ahead of the nation’s needs
Will be outraged if no tax cuts because of the Blues, the economy and the Trump Rally go to seed
No more Blues on the legislative front being MIA
No more Blues and Swamp creatures wanting the economy to be KIA
Schumer’s and Pelosi’s obstruction of each and every Trump idea in a word stinks
Be forewarned Blues if it comes to spinning the cylinder of shutdown Trump will not blink
© November 28, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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