Monday, November 6, 2017

Good Sams w/AR-15s To the Rescue

We may never know what deranged voices were swirling through Kelley’s head
Must have been troubling beyond belief as he left 26 people and one fetus dead
A mind can absorb only so much hate before it will burst
A tidal waver of uncontrollable need to sate its deadly angry thirst
The grandmother of his wife was in that church worshipping in a pew
One of the twenty-six victims on that Sunday that Kelley slew
Mission of revenge accomplished if he could not find his ex mother in law to slay
Why kill all the others on that fateful bloody day?
Mysteries that we humans will never be able to demystify
Only sadness and tears wondering why they also had to die
Like all cowards when confronted by a nonevil counterforce, he had to run
Two good Sams armed not waiting for cops to arrive doing what had to be done
Shot Kelley twice in the leg and chest and at 95 miles an hour did chase
Forcing him off the road into a tree’s thick trunk solid base
Only to find this coward had shot himself in the head
And was now very, very  dead
But for these two good Sams if Kelley would have more AR-15 magazines
There would have been 46 not 26 dead at this bloody crime scene
Hard to keep one’s faith in the face of such slaughter strong and secure
When questioning how God looking down could let this slaughter occur
 But we must and must rise about the grieving doubt
Rise up, dust off and prepare for the next with evil bout
© November 6, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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