Friday, November 24, 2017

25 Years Late Speaking Fees in Millions Short

With Hillary now completely politically toast
Save for scattered enclaves of the left on each coast
The liberals have found the “courage” after 25 years
Stating Bill Clinton should have resigned and the couple should disappear
Where were they when Bill was acting out his sexual predator role
Using Arkansas State Police to achieve his depraved goal?
Where were they when poor Monica was seduced?
By a man lying to the American public and with the truth playing fast and loose?
So quick to play the race and gender card against the Reds
Ignoring the double standard on Bill’s proclivity to chase skirt into bed
Tripp had it when she claimed the new outrage on the left against Bill
Was 25 years late and millions of speaking fees short pouring into his till
Better late than never to see liberals discard these worn out, used up tools
Listening to her book tour rants on her litany of blame she comes across as a bitter fool
Hypocrisy for politicians is always their strong suit
Able to condemn what they practice, able to pivot to garner campaign contribution loot
When it comes to sexual abuse, reptilian brains do not distinguish between Blues or Reds
They only know that whatever lies, promises or seductions it takes to get a target to clothing shed
Followed by a quick one way physical romp in the nearest bed
Morality be gone time to penetrate straight ahead
One slight hitch as Franken found to his great dismay
With cell phone cameras his fondling hands soon virally on display
© November 24, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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