Sunday, November 19, 2017

8 Big Game Wins In A Row

Big Game 8
A close Big Game but omens that Stanford would win that night
A Cal field goal attempt that hit the crossbar falling back rather than through the uprights
An Axe cheer by a poet that drowned out the Cal fans
Probably was heard in the Stanford Stadium stands
Love with ankle retaped during the half through the line in a blink
A dash to the end zone of 57 yards to Cal upset dreams sink
A close Big Game and the thick Red Line was bent but would not break
Stuffing the run in the 4th quarter waiting for a Cal mistake
It came in the form of an intercepted touchdown seeking forward pass
Pandemonium from the Cardinal fans knowing the streak might last
A few more first downs against the Golden Bears
And once again Stanford would stuff them back into their lair
Scarlett did a great imitation of Love
The mighty thick offensive line pushed and shoved
Game on the line with a fourth and two
Scarlett dove for three and the Bears chance for upset almost through
Several more first downs taken, the clock continued to wind down
Ending with Costello taking several knees to the ground
To their credit the Bears played well but could not escape their karma and fate
In the end 17-14 the Cardinal handed the Golden Bears in a row Big Game loss number 8
© November 18 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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