Sunday, November 26, 2017

Schumer and the Blues Are the New Grinch Stealing Christmas

Congress is returning to fight in the Senate the  tax cut battles
Listening to Schumer and his lackeys’ obstructionist anti tax cut prattle
Joined by the MSM and one or two misguided RINOS and a growing fear that tax cuts may face a death rattle
As McConnell aided by Trump will be furiously in a pro vote hunting sprattle  
Schumer has laid down the law that his lackeys must not compromise an inch
As Christmas nears with Americans looking for a tax cut gift, the Blues are the despised Grinch
Armed with their false message that tax cuts will kill jobs and are for only the rich
With a power boost by the MSM the tax cut car to 3-5% growth may swerve off prosperity highway into the red ink ditch
What Americans should listen to and really want to hear
The tax cuts will produce jobs and higher wages in a message crystal clear
Schumer in his desire to control the Senate once again will do anything to undermine this nation
Consign it to the miserable years of less than two percent growth under Obama with choking economic stagnation
Already in their zeal to admit DACA recipients there is rumbling that they are prepared to shut the federal government down
Trump must fail no matter what the cost to Social Security and job growth might be, Blues are happy to see revival due to bias drown
Although they do not have the facts on their side as the Kennedy and Reagan tax cuts show
With their united front and MSM cheerleaders and slant it is they who may win the job to Americans snow
 © November 26, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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