Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Northam Plays Race Card to Win

Blues are always with a hair trigger to use the race card
Their call for unity and come together that high ground barred
Northam used the race card but in a way so perverse
Minority children running for their lives from a KKK in a Rebel flagged truck
Trapped against a wall they seemed to have run out of luck
Only to awake from such a bad dream in a state of shock
Race baiting, painting Gillespie as a KKK to his chances block
Politics with the moneys to be made as HJC and Bill have revealed
Out goes the ethics, out goes any hesitation to an election steal
From the founders’ concept of citizen lawmakers who would serve a few terms and to their farms return
We have grown to a professional tenured class with no connection to main street catering to lobbyist with money to burn
To achieve for their clients a federal contract, a loophole, a regulation so competitors would be smashed
All driven by the need to fill up a senator’s or representative’s coffers with campaign cash
Looks like the race baiter Northam tonight will win
The deplorables will have to endure the MSM Trump was rejected spin
And the divisions in this country will continue to relentlessly expand
Gridlock will be the rule of the day in the Swamp and across this partisan land
© November 7, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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