Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Harris to Crucify Us on the DACA Cross

A Senator is elected to represent the citizens of his or her state
He or she is not elected to represent illegal aliens while without fund a shutdown awaits
Americans should not be crucified on a DACA cross
Should not be held hostage to the DACA wish list albatross
Kamala Harris will not vote for a funding bill unless DACAs are given a citizenship path
No end to chain immigration, no wall, no merit based immigration, time she feels the voters wrath
It is inexcusable that this leftist Boxer on steroids clone
Is voting against the tax cut just as we finally are free of the Obama <2 growth="" nbsp="" o:p="" zone="">
We will soon be up against a wall that our credibility and prosperity chances with be shattered
News flash Senator, full faith and credit and interest rate costs on national debt do matter  
When Social Security and Medicare payments and other needed federal funds cease
May the voters reject Blues and senior citizens hordes to your offices in California and the Swamp be released
Amnesty without reform to end chain immigration, more border security, and a wall is DOA
Common ground could be found in expanding merit based immigration and extending the time before citizenship comes into play
You will not be able to the fault of a shutdown dodge
Your dream of the Oval Office will fail as Trump will not be dislodged
© November 29, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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